Our Management Team

At Jordan Eye Hospital, we have assembled a team of specialists in the field of Opthalmologists, Management and other fields of Endeavour to ensure that we deliver Quality and compassionate care to our numerous clients. We have also Installed some of the best equipment to help deliver the best Opthalmology services in this part of the country.
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Eye Scanning

This scan allows your Opthalmologist to detailed image of the retina(the innermost layer of thr interior eye),enabling them to accurately detect,monitor and control changes to the retina.this procedure is currently the only one that shows in-depth image of the eyes internal structure... Details

Patient at the OPD

OPD services are one of the important aspect of hospital administration. patients visit the OPD for various purposes like consultation,daycare treatment,investigation, admission and post discharged follow up... Details

Eye Examination

We run series of test performed by ophthalmologist(medical doctor)assesing vision and ability to focus on and discern object as well as other tests and examination pertaining to the eyes...Details

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